Investment Tracker

Analyze, strategize, and optimize your investments with our easy-to-use platform, ensuring your financial decisions are always data-driven.

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A screenshot of UltraTrader's Investment Tracker for Mobile.
Detail-Oriented Input
Add your investments with unmatched precision, paving the way for an in-depth understanding of your portfolio.
Example of an investment being added into the UltraTrader app.
Real-Time Asset Tracking
All your investments integrated seamlessly in a single, user-friendly platform. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to effortless tracking.
A screenshot of ongoing investments.
Advanced Analysis
Get a grip on your investment performance with our robust analytics. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your investment strategy.
Screenshot of the finished investments analysis section.
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Export for tax report

.CSV file that puts a smile on your accountants face
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Price Alerts

We rapidly check the prices so you don’t have to.
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Secure by default

All your data is encrypted on our secure servers
Market Coverage
All your investments come together effortlessly under one umbrella.
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This is the best app in case you're serious about trading and improving as a trader. This will help you stay consistent.
Rishi Raj
5 Stars
Very good UI and clean dashboard. I wanted something to trading-journal my trades and it really does the job well.
Anurag Ganda
5 Stars
Nice and simple UI. Notification on order fill are really nice to have.
Nathan K
5 Stars
This app is incredibly helpful for tracking trades and serving as a trading diary.
Joshua V
5 Stars
Great experience! Practice crypto trading without risk, trading-journal trades, track performance and get price alerts. Love this app!
A Gilpen
5 Stars
Highly recommend this app for crypto trading. It offers automated tracking for limit orders, auto-closes trades, and includes a trading-journal for performance
Alex Sprengel
5 Stars
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