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A screenshot of our trading journal's live tracking feature, displaying real-time updates on trade performance.

Live Trade Tracking

Stay on top of your game with real-time trade tracking. Covering a range of markets, from Forex to Crypto, we keep you updated. Set your targets, and we`'ll notify you the moment they`'re hit. Let`'s make trading easy-peasy!
Example of feature Multiple Market Coverage

Multiple Market Coverage

Whether you're into Forex, Crypto, or Stocks, we've got you covered.
Example of feature Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Get instant alerts for your trades, ensuring you're always in the loop.
Example of feature Customizable Targets

Customizable Targets

Set and adjust your trade targets seamlessly.
Example of feature Interactive Trade View

Interactive Trade View

A visual display of your trades, helping you grasp your positions at a glance.

Import Directly from Your Broker

Say goodbye to tedious manual entry. With UltraTrader, importing your trade data from popular brokers like MetaTrader 4 & 5, Binance, and BYBIT is a breeze. Organize effortlessly and be ready to dive in whenever you want.
Example of feature One-Click Sync

One-Click Sync

Whether you're into Forex, Crypto, or Stocks, we've got you covered.
Example of feature Supported Brokers

Supported Brokers

A growing list of brokers to ensure you're always connected.
Example of feature Error-Free Imports

Error-Free Imports

Minimize discrepancies with our efficient import system.
Example of feature Periodic Updates

Periodic Updates

Regularly fetch new trades without constant manual intervention.
A screenshot of our trading journal's auto import feature, showing how trade data can be imported from a brokerage with just a few clicks.
A screenshot of our trading journal's analysis tools, highlighting various charts and graphs that can be used to identify patterns and insights in trading performance.

Detailed Trade Analysis

Take your trading game up a notch! Our platform offers a comprehensive trading journal, intuitive charts, and insights to help you navigate the market better. Discover what works best for you and trade with newfound confidence.
Example of feature Visual Charts

Visual Charts

Dive into interactive charts for a better understanding of your trade patterns.
Example of feature Historical Trade Review

Historical Trade Review

Look back at past trades and learn from both wins and losses.
Example of feature Insightful Metrics

Insightful Metrics

Deep dive metrics that offer clarity on your trading efficiency.
Example of feature Custom Tags

Custom Tags

Personalize your trade notes, making reflection and review more effective.
Some More Awesome Extras
Example of feature Multiple Entry and Exits for One Trade

Multiple Entry and Exits for One Trade

Because flexibility matters! Handle your trades your way, no matter how you approach them.
Example of feature Strategy Analysis

Strategy Analysis

Dig deep into your trading strategies, refine them, and watch your results improve over time.
Example of feature Price Alerts

Price Alerts

Stay informed! Set up alerts for your favorite assets and never miss an important price move again.
Example of feature Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot

Stay connected, even on the go! Get the latest updates and add trades with ease via our handy bot.
Example of feature News with Sentiments

News with Sentiments

Keep up with the latest happenings in the trading world and be in the know.
Example of feature Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

Be ahead of the curve by keeping track of major economic events that can influence the market.


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Automatic Trade Import


Unlimited Live Trades


Multiple Entries & Exits


Advanced Analytics


Telegram Bot with NLP


Unlimited Price Alerts

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